Re-Opening Friday, October 7th!

After a brief hiatus and thanks to the careful yet quick work of our staff and volunteers, The Burlesque Hall of Fame REOPENS in our temporary location on Friday, October 7th at 5pm and will be open until 9pm in honor of the 14th anniversary of First Friday Art Walk!

Visit us at 1017 South First Street, Suite #195 (practically next door to where our new home will be in 2017!). Our interim space is inside the Art Square at the center of Las Vegas’ Arts District. Our regular hours will be 10am – 6pm, Tuesday through Sunday (open to 9pm on the first Thursday and Friday of the month). Plenty of free parking is available in the Art Square parking lot to the east of the building.

Come visit The Burlesque Hall of Fame at 1017 South First Street, Suite #195

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A Half-Century Half-Undressed: Celebrating 50 Years of the Burlesque Hall of Fame

A Half-Century Half-Undressed

For 50 years, there has been a Burlesque Hall of Fame to tell the story of burlesque. Started in 1965 by Exotic Dancers League founder and president Jennie Lee, the Burlesque Hall of Fame has always served two functions: to remember and celebrate burlesque’s history, and to inspire new generations to make the art their own and carry its story into the future.

Jennie Lee displayed the collection in her bar, the Sassy Lassy, and then in her home, before moving it to Helendale, CA in the 1980s. On her death in 1990, the collection’s care passed to Dixie Evans, who ran the museum — now called Exotic World — until 2006...

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Spectacular, Erotic, and Slightly Shocking: A Timeline of Burlesque in the United States

A view of "Spectacular, Erotic, and Slightly Shocking"With roots in the tragicomedies of ancient Greece, American burlesque first emerged in 1860s. Driven by the industrial working class’ hunger for entertainment, an individualistic mindset at odds with the Victorian morality of turn-of-the-century America, the poverty of the Great Depression and the economic resurgence of World War II, burlesque endured while closely related art forms like vaudeville and minstrelsy faded from view. The Burlesque Hall of Fame’s permanent exhibition, Spectacular, Erotic, and Slightly Shocking: A Timeline of American Burlesque, explores the development of burlesque in America from the earliest flashes of tight-clad legs through the invention of the striptease and the ascendancy of burlesque stars to American folk heroes and ultimately to the decline of burles...

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