Laura Herbert departs BHoF Board after 15+ years of service

Dixie Evans, Dee Milo & Laura Herbert, Exotic World Ranch 2003. Photo by Marilynne Herbert.

Dixie Evans, Dee Milo, and Laura Herbert at Exotic World (2003). Photo by Marilynne Herbert.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame bids a fond farewell to board member and former director Laura Herbert. For over 15 years, Laura has been intimately involved with the organization, including serving as Executive Director from 2005 to 2011, during which time she shepherded the museum through some of its biggest challenges and most explosive growth.

Laura has been part of BHoF’s story since her first visit to Exotic World in the late 1990s, when she first fell in love with the museum, the Miss Exotic World pageant, and of course with Dixie Evans...

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An Edict from the Queen, 2014 Miss Exotic World Midnite Martini

Congratulations to the 2014 Miss Exotic World and Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Midnite Martini. We asked Her Highness to share a few words with the burlesque community from her lofty throne.

Midnite Martini (Photo by Chris Harman) I am back in Denver and am still flying high off the memories of the BHoF weekender and getting crowned as Queen. What a tremendous honor and thank you to everyone for their support, kind words, and love. The outpouring of kindness has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for this community and art.

But now that we are all back to our muggle lives we wanted to remind and encourage everyone that the Burlesque Hall of Fame does not stop...

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Lessons from 2014′s Sparkly Devil Scholarship Winner, Goldie Candela

Our first Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship recipient, Goldie Candela, shares her experiences studying with the legends of burlesque at the 2014 BHoF Weekender.

Goldie Candela

2014 Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship recipient Goldie Candela

As someone who is a complete burlesque history nerd, being named the first recipient of the Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship was a dream come true. I was given the honor of being a guest of the Burlesque Hall of Fame expressly to learn.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School, sponsored by BurlyCon, offered classes taught by some of the greatest burlesque legends. The classes were created for a chance to not only learn moves and techniques from each legend, but in my experience, it truly gives one a chance to learn about the lives of these remarkable women...

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2014 Tournament of Tease Winners!

 Midnite Martini, Miss Exotic World 2014 (Photo by Bob Debris)The Burlesque Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the winners of the 24th Annual Tournament of Tease, held Saturday, June 7th at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Competition was fierce—in more ways than one—with performers from across the country and around the world showcasing the theatricality of neo-burlesque performance and the charm of classic striptease. Congratulations to 2014’s winners:


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3/31/14 – Winner of First Annual Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship Announced


Kay Sera, APR; The Burlesque Hall of Fame

(888) 661-6465





March 28– Las Vegas, NV – The Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF) is pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship: Goldie Candela, of Austin, TX. In addition to a full event pass (including hotel) for the 57th annual all-star reunion and showcase, Candela will have full access to all Master Classes and one-on-one time with our “vintage vixens,” the living legends of burlesque’s heyday. Candela will also have the honor of serving as an escort for one legend during the entire weekend.

“As a member of the Jigglewatts Burl...

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