Congratulations, Condolences, and Community: A Note on the 2013 Weekender Notifications

Imogen Kelly, MEW 2012 and RQoB

Over the weekend, we here at BHoF got to do something that’s both wonderful and not-so-wonderful: inform the people who applied to perform at this year’s BHoF Weekender who was accepted and who was not. Letting people know they were accepted is wonderful, and watching their joyous tweets and Facebook posts as they tell the world their good news is truly heartwarming. And what a pleasure it is to know that these amazing performers will be on our stage come June 1st!

But there were 311 applicants this year, and only about 50 slots, give or take a few alternates. So we also had to let around 250 applicants — considering a good number of them are groups and duos, that’s WAY more than 250 people — that they were NOT being accepted to perform this year, and that’s not-so-wonderful...

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