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Museum Staff

Dustin M. Wax, Executive Director

Executive Director Dustin M. WaxDustin holds an M. Phil. (ABD) in cultural anthropology from the New School for Social Research in New York City, and has taught anthropology and gender studies at both University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the College of Southern Nevada since 2003. He is strongly committed to Nevada arts and culture, has served on the boards of several local arts and cultural organizations, and currently sits on the board of the Nevada Museums Association. He is the editor of Anthropology at the Dawn of the Cold War: The Influence of Foundations, McCarthyism, and The CIA and author of Don’t Be Stupid: A Guide To Learning, Studying, And Succeeding At College.

Buttercup, Program  Assistant

ButtercupButtercup is a burlesque performer, producer, instructor, and costumer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She hails from New York City where she studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Along with her skilled voice and movement, Buttercup incorporates traditional burlesque elements into her routines. Her fan-dance, bump and grind and tassel and assel twirling create unforgettable acts which embody beauty and eroticism with light-hearted flair. Buttercup has been a featured entertainer in burlesque, comedy, and variety shows in Las Vegas and across the country. She manages BHOF’s School of Striptease. She produces the burlesque shows, Revusical and Sinful Sunday as well as BHOF’s Tease: A Burlesque Revue.

Dahl Suicide, Retail Coordinator

Dahl SuicideDahl Suicide is a burlesque performer, producer, and costume designer in Las Vegas. She began her pastie career in 2015 just after moving to Las Vegas, dancing with the SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque company. She has surrounded herself with all aspects of the burlesque scene and sparkle ever since, from learning the rich history of this art form to producing shows and designing costumes. She is part owner of Pussycat Productions Burlesque company as well as performing in the company. She’s here to keep the history, art, and traditions of burlesque alive and well!

Darby Fox, Curator

Darby FoxA performer, host, producer, and educator, Darby Fox has been working burlesque stages since 2011. Darby’s interests in burlesque are academic as well; a trained historian, Darby finished her MA in 2018. In her thesis, Mixing the Business of Pleasure, Darby examined burlesque as labor in twentieth-century America, while her minor in public history emphasized curation. As a performer, Darby integrates the naughty playfulness and comedy that has historically been a part of burlesque with striptease to create modern narratives. Darby is an instructor at the BHoF’s School of Striptease.

Emmie Pappa Eddy, Collections and Interpretation Coordinator

Emmie Pappa EddyEmmie is a folklorist and drag performer whose scholarly work influences their art. Their passion for arts education led them to the world of museums and they have worked extensively with various collections through Indiana University. Though their focus is on the intersections of gender identity and costume, Emmie is also interested in the way marginalized communities construct narratives of self and preserve their artistic traditions. When they aren’t at the museum you can find them performing around Las Vegas as their alter ego JJ Suede.

Board of Directors

Jaye MacAskill, Chair
Bunny Bee, Vice-Chair
Nicollette Daly, Secretary
Robert Ferguson, Treasurer
Dustin M. Wax, President
Debra Roth
Dirty Martini
Dita Von Teese
Melody Sweets
Neil Kendall

Board Emeritus

The title of Board Emeritus recognizes founders and past board members whose work and service have been instrumental to shaping the Burlesque Hall of Fame as it is today.

Jennie Lee
Dixie Evans
Laura Herbert
Dita Von Teese

Community Council

The Community Council provides a forum for committed burlesque community members to advise, inform, and offer critique to the organization, and to act as its emissaries to the larger community. Its current members are:

Andy “Doc” Davis
Brett Rollins
Chairmyn Meow
Crystal Swarowski
Cyanide Cyn
Dave Williams
Debra Roth
Don Spiro
Dustin M. Wax
Egypt Blaque Knyle
Indigo Blue
Jaye MacAskill
Kay Sera
Lola Coquette
Michelle Baldwin
Miz Charlamay
Pastel Supernova

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