Camille 2000

In her twenty years as a headlining artist, Camille 2000 worked with many of burlesque’s most notable talents, including choreographer Paul Markoff, costumers Simon Sorr and Hedy Jo Star.  Having established herself as a glamorous “traditional” feature, Camille went on to push the envelope with her performances, introducing audiences to a more aggressive (some might even say “sensational”) style of striptease–including but not limited to her legendary, leather-clad tribute to the Marquis de Sade.

A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Camille has appeared in  several movies and TV shows. She currently resides in Florida, where she runs The Cosmic Hog Pen motorcycle accessory store.

Camille 2000 “The Girl for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” will be performing LIVE  at the 54TH ANNUAL BURLESQUE REUNION SHOWCASE Friday, June 3 at the Orleans Showroom. Tickets on sale now!

4 comments to Camille 2000

  • Camille  says:

    That would be T.V. shows, dahlin

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  • Todd Kachinski-Kottmeier  says:

    Posting this class across facebook, for the number one writer at Pirate’s Mark Press!

  • Kat Damien  says:

    Hi Camille, I’m Kat Damien Miss Cosmopolitan of Burlesque. We worked together on the beach at the Place Pigalle for Harry Ridge. I think also the Gayety. I just now found this site. I’m so happy to see you have done well. Take care. 🙂

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