DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Tales of the 2016 BHOF Weekender by 2016 Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship Winner Egypt Blaque Knyle

Egypt Blaque Knyle
As I sat at work contemplating if I should even write the essay for the Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship I remember saying to myself “Why is this scholarship important to you and you have never even met Sparkly Devil in person”? I stared at the computer all day just thinking about that one question. This scholarship meant everything to me because this young lady was out in the communities making a difference, building bridges between burlesque legends and new generation performers, knocking down doors and making space for what was new to come.

I saw myself as a diamond in the rough. Not a performer who lacks manners or style but lacks education of our history...

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“At Toni’s Side”: Lessons from the 2015 BHoF Weekender by Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship winner Tessa von Twinkle

Tessa von Twinkle with Toni Elling Along with so many others in our community who haven’t yet experienced it for themselves, I’ve been e-creeping on The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender for years.  Whether Facebook-feed binging, watching hours of YouTube videos, or partaking in the many other fantastic modern marvels of social media, I’ve annually soaked up the weekender online vicariously through my friends, peers, and idols.  I have also always been *extremely* grateful to all of those who have taken the extra time to make sure that they documented their experiences in this way for the rest of us out there.  Each year I told myself, “Glitter, help me, I WILL get there next year”, just to have to give myself yet another rain check.

With this, you can imagine that upon notice of my receiving this year’s S...

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Longing, Envy, Lust, and Glamour: Lili St. Cyr at Ciro’s

The piece below is an excerpt from Kelly DiNardo’s Gilded Lili: Lili St. Cyr and the Striptease Mystique, released this week as an ebook for Kindle and other readers. Want to win a copy of the book? Read about our Gilded Lili giveaway below!

Lili St CyrOn October 18, 1951, Lili stood on the stage of Ciro’s nightclub on the Sunset Strip dressed in a glimmering, softly draped cream evening gown. She gazed at her appearance in what was made to look like a bedroom mirror and shook her blonde curls in disapproval. Slowly she pulled each finger out of elbow-length gloves and deliberately peeled off each glove...

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Vivienne Vavoom: Spreading the Gospel of Glitter

The crowd began clapping, hooting, and hollering as the rev of motorcycles and Metallica filled the air. It was time.

I was at Denver’s Erico Motorsports, there because I was dating one of the mechanics. And on this night, there would be a grand reveal of Ducati’s new all-road model, a very big deal for motorcycle aficionados.


As the excitement grew, a burst of smoke blew into the air and out of a huge freight box that the crowd had gathered around. We were expecting a new, fire engine red Ducati to emerge...

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From Bloomers to G-Strings: A History of Burlesque Underwear

Bettie Page "Guide for Strip-Teasers"

Bettie Page posing in the “Guide For Strip-Teasers”

As a burlesque performer or even an enthusiast you may have seen the old photos of Bettie Page in the “Guide for Strip-Teasers.” It was published in 1953 as a guide to show how much a stripper could reveal depending on what US. State she was in. Burlesque has changed a lot since 1953, most especially the underwear! Let’s take a journey through the ages from the beginnings of burlesque onwards, as a whole, to see how the last few layers of a showgirls costume have changed. One key area of debate is over whether the underwear worn in burlesque performances has kept getting smaller over time. In everyday life, underwear has come a long way and gotten smaller but trends in performance underwear don’t always follow trends in the “real world...

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