Boylesque in a Nutshell


I recently asked NY performer B.B. Heart to help me work on some new BIG articles.  When  brainstorming ideas, we soon discovered that we were most excited about at the moment were all of the boys in burlesque!  So it made sense to make our first piece about that very subject.  We interviewed all the men below in person, by phone or via email between September- October 2010.  Even though the idea of gender in our community was the jumping off point, their answers are universal for all performers!  Enjoy, Trixie

Introducing the illustrious MEN OF BURLESQUE that were interviewed for this article…


SCOTT EWALT is a DJ and graphic artist from NYC and is considered to be a major behind-the-scenes force in the world of burlesque: he provides music for many well-known acts, frequ...

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How Much Dance Choreography is Too Much?

Q: How much dance choreography is too much to add into a burlesque routine and how much is too little? I’ve heard burlesque dancers say “not too much dance choreography.”

A: Formally trained dancers may have a tendency to think more about their choreography than their audience. In many rigidly choreographed dance routines, the dancer’s focus is to the choreographer or to the other dancers; in burlesque, it is usually outward, to the audience. And often a trained dancer new to burlesque will merely dance, stop, and take off a piece of clothing instead of making the clothing removal playful, enticing, and innovative. It’s not just what’s revealed but the tease and play that leads up to the reveal that makes the costume removal worth watching.

A burlesque routine offers a unique ...

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Roxi’s Roll Call: Inspiration and Gratitude


There are so many things you can tell yourself when it comes to competing in a pageant. Everything you come up with will help you relax, perform the best you can and most of all, have fun with the experience. The one thing you can’t prepare for is actually winning.

Most of you already know I was recently crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2010. So for the benefit of those who didn’t know — there you have it.

You can tell yourself who you’re going to thank but it all goes out the window when your name is announced and you’re given a crown and a trophy. I was overwhelmed by support and I realized just how many friends I have made over the years.

Being crowned has been a dream of mine for many years...

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