Volunteers Needed: Remote Data-Entry

Gypsy Rose Lee TypingBHoF is looking for people anywhere in the world who can help us type up our handwritten inventories so we can import them into our database. To volunteer, sign up at bhof.link/data and we’ll send you your first sheet. Each sheet contains about two dozen entries, and data is entered into a Google Form online. Easy-peasy! Visit bhof.link/data and sign up today!

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Join us July 5 for Liber-TEASE!

Jessabelle ThunderThe Burlesque Hall of Fame is proud to present its Independence Day weekend show Liber-TEASE! In partnership with Ron Decar’s Event Center, the show will feature top burlesque performers from Las Vegas and beyond, including the 2018 Miss Exotic World Runner-up Jessebelle Thunder, performing alongside legends of the classic burlesque era, Tiffany Carter and Gina BonBon.

“Burlesque has always been a celebration of our liberties,” says BHoF Executive Director Dustin M. Wax. “Since its earliest days, burlesque has pushed the limits of freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression, freedom to do with one’s body as one wishes. What better way to celebrate our Independence Day than with a burlesque show?”

The lineup includes:

  • Blanche DeBris, An American Treasure
  • Bettina May, The ...
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Who’s Who in Burly-Q: Jean Idelle

Jean Idelle with her fans

Jean Idelle with her fans

Jean Idelle, often called “the Sepia Sally Rand,” was the first black exotic fan dancer. She was active from 1950 – 1963 and performed internationally during a time of intense segregation. Jean was instrumental in integrating whites-only dance clubs. Her famed fan dance broke racial barriers long before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and she was known to travel with a chauffeur and security guard for protection.

Jean was discovered at 20 years old by a Broadway talent agency while attending the famous Katherine Dunham School of Dance. Although she had never even laid eyes on a burlesque show, she began working with a choreographer who trained her to become a burlesque fan dancer.

She soon became the headlining attraction at Minsky’s Rialto Theatre in Chicago and o...

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New exhibition Explores the Feminist Side of Burlesque

Vintage photo of Lydia Thompson as RObinson Crusoe (by Jose Maria Mora)40 years ago, when the women’s movement attacked burlesque clubs for their objectification and exploitation of women, it did not seem that the protesters and the performers had much in common. But the ideals of feminism are found throughout the history of burlesque. The Burlesque Hall of Fame’s new ongoing exhibition Dancing the Revolution: Feminism in Burlesque History explores the feminist ideals that flow through and from the burlesque stage.

In the 19th century, when women were better appreciated as unseen, unheard helpmeets and homemakers, burlesque performers made women and women’s place very visible...

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Free Admission for Active Military and Their Families This Summer

BHoF is a Blue Star Museum

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is proud to join museums nationwide in participating in the tenth summer of Blue Star Museums, a program which provides free admission to our nation’s active-duty military personnel and their families this summer. The 2019 program runs from Saturday, May 18, 2019, Armed Forces Day, through  Monday, September 2, 2019, Labor Day.

“The burlesque world has always had a special relationship with the US military,” says Executive Director Dustin M. Wax. “Burlesque performers like Gypsy Rose Lee, Ann Corio, Mae West, and Sherry Britton travelled the world with the USO, posed for pinups, led book drives for overseas service members, and of course entertained troops in theaters and clubs around the country...

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