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Installation view of Coby Yee Exhibition

Coby Yee: The Hardest-Working Woman in Chinatown

  In 1960, burlesque star Coby Yee – "China’s Most Daring Dancing Doll" – opened the Dragon Lady nightclub on the eastern border of San…

Poison Ivory, 2016 Miss Exotic World

Becoming Burlesque

In 1927, struggling vaudevillean Rose Louise Hovick stepped onto a burlesque stage for the first time, transforming herself into the urbane, sophisticated stripper Gypsy Rose…

Lada Redstar Performs at the Burlesque Hall of Fame

Dancing the Revolution: Feminism in Burlesque History

Most burlesque dancers throughout history would not have considered themselves “feminists”. In fact, many clashed with the feminists of the day who were attacking their…

View of "Spectacular, Erotic, and Slightly Shocking"

Spectacular, Erotic, and Slightly Shocking: A Timeline of American Burlesque

With roots in the tragicomedies of ancient Greece, American burlesque first emerged in 1860s. Driven by the industrial working class’ hunger for entertainment, an individualistic…

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