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  • fayehavoc Avatarfayehavoc

    5 star rating One of a Kind! The Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum is a must-visit for me whenever I attend its annual fundraising event in June…. read more – 6/25/2019 

    Michael M. AvatarMichael M.

    Friendly and interesting venue – 7/08/2018 

    Tom R. AvatarTom R.

    This place is very interesting , and historical ! – 9/04/2019 

  • greatbonsai Avatargreatbonsai

    5 star rating A Diamond In The Arts District I was thoroughly impressed by The Burlesque Hall of Fame. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as some of the… read more – 9/07/2019 

    Miranda S. AvatarMiranda S.

    5 star rating A Must See For fans or practitioners of the art of burlesque, the museum is a gem in the Las Vegas desert. … read more – 8/13/2019 

    thelysha Avatarthelysha

    5 star rating Amazing time capsule of a growing history A history lover’s paradise! One visit to this place includes both a guided tour and a self guided adventure through… read more – 6/23/2019 

  • Bzubee AvatarBzubee

    5 star rating Gotta have a gimmick! My adult daughter and I were looking for something fun and interesting to and decided to take the tour. Buttercup… read more – 8/14/2019 

    Carolmichelle S. AvatarCarolmichelle S.

    4 star rating We had the opportunity to visit the burlesque museum last week. It was fun, informative, and interactive. The ladies were… read more – 9/28/2018 

    cynthia m. Avatarcynthia m.

    We had an amazing tour guide and learned so much about the history and evolution of burlesque. Well worth a trip! – 7/27/2019 

  • Erin S. AvatarErin S.

    This place is amazing! From a performer point of view it is very informative and the tour guide is very… read more – 8/16/2019 

    Isabelle R. AvatarIsabelle R.

    Pour le travail de mĂ©moire et de prĂ©servation de ce patrimoine culturel ! – 7/06/2018 

    Heather W. AvatarHeather W.

    I just want to thank everyone involved in the Movers Shakers and Innovators show! I am so very proud to… read more – 6/02/2018 

  • Kay S. AvatarKay S.

    5 star rating In its new forever-home, BHoF can finally display much, MUCH more of its sizable collection. The new space, which opened… read more – 6/07/2018 

    Michelle O. AvatarMichelle O.

    This is an important museum and organization. Please show them your support. – 11/21/2018 

    Faye H. AvatarFaye H.

    This beautiful little museum located in the arts district is worth a visit every time I’m in Las Vegas; a… read more – 7/02/2019 

  • Ronnie L. AvatarRonnie L.

    love it – 11/02/2018 

    John P. AvatarJohn P.

    5 star rating Was not disappointed at all! Such a fun, interactive and informative museum filled with people working there that are friendly,… read more – 11/11/2018 

    Texas_USA_traveler AvatarTexas_USA_traveler

    5 star rating Interesting history lesson. Ha! This was not my first choice in museum selection but it ended up being a fun stop. Buttercup, our tour… read more – 8/28/2019 

  • Bill H. AvatarBill H.

    5 star rating Not knowing what to expect, we were delightfully surprised at this small venue. The five stars is due to Ms…. read more – 8/08/2018 

    Chris O. AvatarChris O.

    We loved our trip to the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Our tour guide was well-informed and charming. The exhibits were… read more – 2/24/2019 

    Rachel L. AvatarRachel L.

    12/10 recommend! So much fun! – 6/14/2019 

  • Marina M. AvatarMarina M.

    5 star rating One of my favorite museums!
    Being a burlesque performer myself, I have a great fascination and appreciation for those that paved…
    read more – 5/08/2019 

    thelysha Avatarthelysha

    5 star rating Amazing time capsule of a growing history A history lover’s paradise! One visit to this place includes both a guided tour and a self guided adventure through… read more – 6/23/2019 

    AmyLee1288 AvatarAmyLee1288

    5 star rating Welcome to Burlesque A very interesting museum and perfect for Las Vegas with its history of showgirls. Our guide Emmie was incredibly knowledgeable… read more – 8/22/2019 

  • Clifton C. AvatarClifton C.

    A monument to burlesque! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the history of burlesque, about the legends,… read more – 6/17/2019 

    Sylvia F. AvatarSylvia F.

    5 star rating The new location of this unique museum is a TREASURE TROVE of amazing artifacts that highlight the history of burlesque… read more – 7/12/2018 

    Melissa F. AvatarMelissa F.

    5 star rating Before I talk about my experience at this place, I want to point out this a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" kind of place…. read more – 9/19/2019 

  • Travis N. AvatarTravis N.

    Friendly, helpful and informative staff. The exhibits were good and after the initial “tour”, you’re allowed to go around at… read more – 8/03/2018 

    BrawlingBeauty AvatarBrawlingBeauty

    5 star rating Burlesque This is such an amazing place to visit and learn about the history of Burlesque. I totally recommend going there. – 6/23/2019 

    Robin B. AvatarRobin B.

    This is definitely worth a stop during your Vegas trip! It’s a labor of love that has been in the… read more – 6/01/2018 

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is the world’s only museum dedicated to the history and art of burlesque. With a collection of several thousand costumes, stage props, photographs, and personal effects, the museum is a growing testament to the power and social impact of the art of the tease.

What’s New at BHoF

A Message of Gratitude from BHoF

A Message of Gratitude from BHoF

The Burlesque Hall of Fame would like to take the opportunity on this day of Thanksgiving to thank the people who make what we do possible. We are grateful this year and every year for: The ...
Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday today, November 23, at 3pm and all day Thursday,  November 24. We will resume our normal hours, 10am – 6pm, on Friday, November 25. We will ...
BHoF’s Values

BHoF’s Values

In light of the divisiveness and fear gripping American communities, particularly people of color, women, and LGBTQ people, the values and code of ethics that the  Burlesque Hall of Fame ...
Re-Opening Friday, October 7th!

Re-Opening Friday, October 7th!

After a brief hiatus and thanks to the careful yet quick work of our staff and volunteers, The Burlesque Hall of Fame REOPENS in our temporary location on Friday, October 7th at 5pm and ...
So long, Emergency Arts!

So long, Emergency Arts!

Six years ago, the Burlesque Hall of Fame opened our “modest” space at the front of the Emergency Arts center. And so once again, from our origins as Exotic World in the Mojave Desert, burlesque’s ...
Closed 9/22 – 10/7 for relocation to temporary space

Closed 9/22 – 10/7 for relocation to temporary space

The Burlesque Hall of Fame will be briefly closed starting tomorrow, September 23, until we reopen on October 7 in our interim space at 1017 South First Street, Suite #195. Right next door to our ...

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Getting Here

From the Strip: Drive north on Las Vegas Blvd to Main Street. By bus, take the Deuce or SDX north to the Arts District/Casino Center stop, then walk 3 blocks west to Main, turn left to BHoF.

From Fremont: Drive south on Main to Commerce, left on Charleston, left on Main; or south on Las Vegas Blvd, right on Charleston, right on Main. By bus, take the Deuce or SDX south to the Arts District/Casino Center stop, then walk 3 blocks west to Main, turn left to BHoF; or take the free Downtown Loop bus to the Arts District stop, walk 1 block west on Boulder, turn right and walk 1/2 block on 1st to 1st and Main on your left, pass through courtyard to space #110 on Main Street side.

Free Parking! Free two-hour parking on Main Street or park in the Art Square parking lot 1 block east.

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