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Volunteers Needed: Remote Data-Entry

Gypsy Rose Lee TypingBHoF is looking for people anywhere in the world who can help us type up our handwritten inventories so we can import them into our database. To volunteer, sign up at and we’ll send you your first sheet. Each sheet contains about two dozen entries, and data is entered into a Google Form online. Easy-peasy! Visit and sign up today!

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Join us July 5 for Liber-TEASE!

Jessabelle ThunderThe Burlesque Hall of Fame is proud to present its Independence Day weekend show Liber-TEASE! In partnership with Ron Decar’s Event Center, the show will feature top burlesque performers from Las Vegas and beyond, including the 2018 Miss Exotic World Runner-up Jessebelle Thunder, performing alongside legends of the classic burlesque era, Tiffany Carter and Gina BonBon.

“Burlesque has always been a celebration of our liberties,” says BHoF Executive Director Dustin M. Wax. “Since its earliest days, burlesque has pushed the limits of freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression, freedom to do with one’s body as one wishes. What better way to celebrate our Independence Day than with a burlesque show?”

The lineup includes:

  • Blanche DeBris, An American Treasure
  • Bettina May, The ...
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BHOF Archive Relocation Project: Please Give!

At the beginning of July, the Burlesque Hall of Fame was informed that the building where the vast majority of our collection is stored would be seized under eminent domain for the widening of Interstate 15, Las Vegas’ main interstate artery.

This sudden, unexpected development is not one our modest operating budget can easily cover.  At a minimum, the collection must be inventoried and each piece examined, packed for transit, moved, and then re-inventoried and re-examined. And of course, we want to do more than the minimum.

While the timing of this new move is far from ideal (you can barely move your arms in Las Vegas in August, much less a museum), it presents an ideal opportunity for us to not just continue to shelter the collection in “suspended animation” but to fully revive it, b...

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New Year, New Beginnings

Dear Friends of the Burlesque Hall of Fame,

As of December 1, 2011, I am stepping down as Acting Executive Director of the Burlesque Hall of Fame. On that date, our Curatorial Director, Dustin M. Wax, will take over as Interim Executive Director, charged with leading the organization through the next phase of its ongoing institutional development.

Since its earliest beginnings, the Burlesque Hall of Fame has been the ultimate labor of love; powered by visionaries and volunteers whose chief qualification was a passion for vintage burlesque...

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Pearls of Wisdom from Burlesque Royalty…

For those of you who did not attend and have not had a chance to enjoy the edited version in the BHoF ’11 programme, here are some words of advice and best wishes for BHoF competitors and would-be queens and kings from some of the previous title holders…

Reigning Queen 2005, Michelle L’amour at the BHoF 2011 Superstar Sunday Closing Gala (©Don Spiro).

Reigning Queen 2005, Michelle L’amour at the BHoF 2011 Superstar Sunday Closing Gala (©Don Spiro).

“If the Burlesque Hall of Fame crowns you as a Queen or King, you are now an official ambassador for burlesque and the museum. Show the world what it’s all about! Spread the good news of burlesque! Amen!”

Michelle L’amour (Miss Exotic World 2005)

“For me, being Miss Exotic World two years in a row has meant lots of attention and a lot of requests for me to perform...

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