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Volunteers Needed: Remote Data-Entry

Gypsy Rose Lee TypingBHoF is looking for people anywhere in the world who can help us type up our handwritten inventories so we can import them into our database. To volunteer, sign up at bhof.link/data and we’ll send you your first sheet. Each sheet contains about two dozen entries, and data is entered into a Google Form online. Easy-peasy! Visit bhof.link/data and sign up today!

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Join us July 5 for Liber-TEASE!

Jessabelle ThunderThe Burlesque Hall of Fame is proud to present its Independence Day weekend show Liber-TEASE! In partnership with Ron Decar’s Event Center, the show will feature top burlesque performers from Las Vegas and beyond, including the 2018 Miss Exotic World Runner-up Jessebelle Thunder, performing alongside legends of the classic burlesque era, Tiffany Carter and Gina BonBon.

“Burlesque has always been a celebration of our liberties,” says BHoF Executive Director Dustin M. Wax. “Since its earliest days, burlesque has pushed the limits of freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression, freedom to do with one’s body as one wishes. What better way to celebrate our Independence Day than with a burlesque show?”

The lineup includes:

  • Blanche DeBris, An American Treasure
  • Bettina May, The ...
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Dorothy Dorne: A Life in Pictures by Jo Weldon

Last winter I spent some time going through paper archives in the Burlesque Hall of Fame collection in Las Vegas, with the help of Laura Herbert and Brian Newman. I was particularly interested in the sheet music and the notations on it. I intend to share more about the sheet music project later, but I got to see something so unexpected and charming and lovely that I want to share it with you. It’s a collection of scrapbooks from an early 20th-century burlesque and cabaret performer who went by various names, among them Dorothy Dorne. I spent hours going through them, taken to another world, amused and enchanted by the way her scrapbooks brought her to life, and took a few snaps...

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Behind The Garter Belt: Melody Mangler by Tanya Cheex

I met Melody Mangler years ago at the very first Vancouver Burlesque Fest and I was immediately taken by her fireball style and sexy yet comedic approach to performance. I wasnt’t the only one noticing as The Burlesque Hall Of Fame awarded her “Best Debut” in 2009 for her breathtakingly beautiful Venus act. The 4th Annual Toronto Burlesque Festival is very excited in having her headline this year on the Saturday night Gala. –Tanya Cheex

1. What is the importance of costuming to the burlesque performance.? Do you come up with the act or the costume first?
Costumes are an essential part of Burlesque. The costume can set the character and mood of a particular piece and can inspire fantasy and draw an audience into the world the performer creates. Costumes are a burlesquer’s dance partner...

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Behind The Garter Belt: SATAN’S ANGEL

When I saw Satan’s Angel perform her fire tassels routine out in the Mojave Desert heat in 2005’s Miss Exotic World pageant, I was speechless. This woman was Tina Turner and Mick Jagger rolled up into one fiery package. She is the rock n’ roll of burlesque! I’ve been fortunate to have this outstanding woman as a mentor in my own fire tassels act and Toronto will get to see her in action this July for The Toronto Burlesque Festival.

Note: The capitals are the way Satan’s Angel always types so I’ve retained that.

1. How did you end up in burlesque?


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