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Volunteers Needed: Remote Data-Entry

Gypsy Rose Lee TypingBHoF is looking for people anywhere in the world who can help us type up our handwritten inventories so we can import them into our database. To volunteer, sign up at and we’ll send you your first sheet. Each sheet contains about two dozen entries, and data is entered into a Google Form online. Easy-peasy! Visit and sign up today!

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Signs of Scott Ewalt by Jo Weldon (Part 1)


Burlesque signs have always rocked my world. As a child, every time I saw a burlesque sign on a lounge I got an illicit thrill, imagining women of impossible repute removing stockings with a knowing wink. I could picture the heavy lashes, the big hair, the chiffon robes. I was mesmerized. As a teenager, I was excited by the signs on strip joints in Atlanta. I knew that the Domino Lounge was one of the last of the old school burlesque venues in town, but the contemporary signs got me riled up with promise—one day I’d be of age, and I’d know where to go by the signs...
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A Quickie with Karen Abbott

I’ve had tons of fun with Karen Abbott, whether it’s been when she’s jumped in to help at a student showcase at the Slipper Room, or doing a grand event at the New York Public Library. She’s always playful, smart, and hotter than a biscuit. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview her about her newest book, a biography of Gypsy Rose Lee. Her first book, Sin in the Second City, was a fascinating insight into Chicago’s notorious Everleigh sisters and their high-end brothel. Karen manages to make her intensely researched documentary work read like great fiction, and you can feel her enthusiasm for her subjects on every page. I knew her approach to Gypsy Rose Lee would be equally iconoclastic and vivid.  –Jo Weldon, Daily Burlesque 03.29.11

You’ve chosen some spicy subjects for ...

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Pretty Things to Be Released in Paperback!

Full disclosure: My publisher, HarperCollins, is also Liz Goldwyn‘s publisher, as well as Dita Von Teese’s. HarperCollins KNOWS burlesque! But I bought Liz’s book before I ever had a book contract, and it is spectacular. It is one of the most amazing books you’ll find on the subject of mid-20th century burlesque striptease.

If you are a burlesque fan and you haven’t gotten this book, you are missing out. If you know a burlesque fan, get it for them for Christmas. The memorabilia and stories will fascinate anyone, whether or not they are a fan of burlesque, with their display of artistry and charm and human interest.

You also don’t want to miss her documentary film, Pretty Things, featuring astonishing and entertaining interviews with the great Zorita and my dear departed friend (w...

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Celebrating Gypsy Rose Lee, 1911-2011

“I wanted to point out how you are different from all the other strippers I have ever seen. Seeing them is something like getting a peep at a girl on a picnic. Perfectly ordinary experience. But to feel that you are seeing a princess take off her pants: That’s something else again.”
Critic Carl Van Doren to Gypsy Rose Lee

America in the Roaring Twenties: Money flowed fast and free. Speakeasies beckoned beyond dimly lit doorways. Vaudeville was king. Talking pictures were only a distant flicker. But then, almost overnight, the Great Depression leveled everything. When the dust settled, Americans were primed for a star who could distract them from the grim new reality and excite them in different, unexpected ways. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee, a strutting, bawdy, erudite “ecdysiast” who po...

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