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Burlesque for Beginners absolutely changed my life! I’m now confident, joyful, and self-accepting, and I want everyone to find their best selves in this amazingly liberating art form!

Noelle No Goode, Student
Sign: Jennie Lee's School for Strippers

The Burlesque Hall of Fame’s School of Striptease offers classes for the hobbyist, the novice, and established performers of all levels. Our classes are guided by the principle that “All bodies are burlesque bodies”, with a commitment to the comfort and empowerment of our students. We welcome all ages, ethnicities, body types, levels of physical ability, and levels of personal comfort. Learn about the art of the striptease from the industry’s top performers of today and yesteryear!


The School of Striptease is currently closed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine. Check back soon for an updated schedule.


  • Burlesque for Beginners
    This is an 8 week course designed for anyone who would like to try their hand at this true American artform! Whether you just started performing or have yet to set foot onstage – This class is for you! Tap into the empowerment that can come from stripping away all inhibitions and taking control of your own autonomy. Class is moderated and taught by professional burlesque performers. Students will learn the history, the classic gimmicks, costuming, makeup, how to engage their audience and more! Class will culminate with a group performance in the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s benefit show, Tease: A Burlesque Revue, on the Las Vegas Strip!
  • Get Your Act Together
    This 8 week course is designed for new or established performers who would like to create a burlesque act. Burlesque performers are known for their unique acts. Established burlesque professionals will guide you through honing your gimmick, character development, creating cohesive and functioning costumes & props, and producing a comprehensive and entertaining routine that can be adapted to many stages and shows! The course will culminate with a student showcase. Please note: This is an intermediate course. If you have never performed burlesque, we recommend taking our “Burlesque for Beginners“ course.

Private Lessons

Learn burlesque in private, one-on-one sessions with our instructors. Contact us to reserve today.

Bachelorette Party

Book your bachelorette or hen party with the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Learn Burlesque basics while celebrating your or your loved one’s upcoming nuptials! Complementary gift for the bride or guest of honor. Admission to the museum included for day of party.  To book a bachelorette party, contact us.

Drop-In Classes

Burlesque 101

This class is geared towards first timers and those wishing to touch up on burlesque basics. Learn a brief history of burlesque and practice classic striptease moves such as working with a boa, glove removal, the “bump & grind” and the shimmy! Gloves and boas provided for use in class or bring your own.

Bump & Grind Master Class

Work up a sweat while learning to seduce your audience with the “Bump & Grind!” Showcase your unique physicality with the suggestive movements of 1950’s Burlesque stars!

Sensual  Ballet for Burlesque 

You may know ballet for its grace and poise, but in this class you’ll learn to harness its secret strength which is all in your pelvic floor.
Learn to dance from your “naughty” bits, and bring that balletic power to burlesque. This class is exclusively taught by Absinthe’s Charlie Quinn Starling. 

Jazz & Hip Hop for Burlesque 

This class will allow you to explore the sensual movements and gyrations of Jazz and Hip Hop as well as learn about the impact and influence of hip hop culture in the world of exotic dancing. Students will explore their own unique sensuality through movement, widening their scope of exotic dancing. Taught by Elyse Elaine. 

Tassel Twirling 101 

Learn the ultimate burlesque gimmick: the tassel twirl! Bring your own pasties or buy in house.

Assel Twirling 

A crowd favorite in neo-burlesque shows is the art of “assel twirling.” Assels are pasties with tassels placed on the buttocks! Class includes learning how to apply and twirl assels! Assels provided or you may bring your own. Please dress comfortably. Wear booty shorts or fishnets with a thong. Heels optional.”

Parade, Pose and Peel 

This all levels class will teach you how to disrobe like a pro. Learn how to strut like a showgirl, create flattering body lines through various poses, and remove garments with ease and flair.
What to wear/bring: Please wear form-fitting work-out clothing. Bring a button down shirt or robe that ties. High heels are optional.

Bellydance for Burlesque 

Ever since Little Egypt saved the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 with her danse du ventre, belly dancing has been associated with burlesque. Using belly dance techniques this class focuses on body isolation to help students enhance their basic burlesque movements. Class is open to students of all experience and ability levels.
-Please wear comfortable clothes for class. Shimmy belts will be provided or you may bring your own. 


Get down and dirty–and get back up again! Learn erotic floorwork moves and transitions, including graceful and fierce ways to get down to and back up from the floor.
Adding floorwork to your routines creates new visual levels and can add sensuality to any act!
-Kneepads and yoga mats are recommended.

Shimmy & Shake

This class is exclusively taught by burlesque legend Dusty Summers! Dusty is known for incorporating magic into her routines, including the magic of her spectacular shimmies and shakes. She’ll warm up your shoulders and knees and get you ready to rumble! She’ll guide you through techniques to make different parts of your body vibrate and bounce. She’ll show you muscle isolations and tricks to draw the audience’s eye wherever you like. You’ll discover how to isolate the shimmy to your chest, your derriere, and how to make your whole body quiver and quake.

Barre for Burlesque

Barre for Burlesque is a fun, dynamic, whole-body work out that combines elements of the popular barre fitness style with elements of modern and contemporary burlesque. The class is designed to help participants tone muscles, increase flexibility, and expand their movement vocabulary. All levels are welcome to join in the fun!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Meet the Instructors

Bettina May

Bettina May is a Las Vegas-based, Canadian-born burlesque performer, photographer, pin-up model, musician and author. She is the first international performer to get an American green card based on her outstanding ability in burlesque. She started her career in 2003, performing and teaching around the world, and went full-time in 2009 when she immigrated to NYC. She has been featured on The Real Housewives of NYC, NBC News, CBS, FOX News and she has also performed for Brooke Shields, Jude Law and many more. An expert in vintage style, she wrote the how-to book Everyday Bombshell and released two DVDs.

Darby Fox

Darby has been performing as a stripteaser and emcee on burlesque stages since 2011. Drawing from her studies as a trained historian, Darby integrates the naughty playfulness and comedy, that has historically always been a part of burlesque, into her acts. A native to the City of Sin, Darby is also a model specializing in pin-up, bellydancing, and is a life-long yogi. She has been a pose and performance coach since 2013. Using her years of yoga and modeling experience, Darby breaks down body movements for any mobility level, so that anyone can create beautiful shapes with their body on stage or in front of a camera. She is currently the collection assistant at The Burlesque Hall of Fame.


Buttercup is a burlesque performer, instructor, and costumer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She hails from New York City where she studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Along with her skilled voice and movement, Buttercup incorporates traditional burlesque elements into her routines. Her fan-dance, bump and grind and tassel and assel twirling create unforgettable acts which embody beauty and eroticism with light-hearted flair. Buttercup has been a featured entertainer in burlesque, comedy and variety shows in Las Vegas and across the country. She is currently the Program Coordinator at The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Molly Boom Boom

Molly Boom Boom is delighted to be teaching for the Burlesque Hall of Fame and promoting their mission. She is  a veteran entertainer who teaches Barre fitness in some of Las Vegas’ most exclusive gyms by day, and performs all over Las Vegas and California by night. In 2018 Molly Boom Boom was awarded the Nevada Burlypicks Champion and went on to win “Most Raunchy” at Burlypicks International. She is a truly diverse performer with acts ranging from silly to downright smoking. You can see Molly Boom Boom every weekend in Comedy and Dolls on Fremont St.

Aya Fontaine

Fascinated with the golden era of glamour and classic Las Vegas showgirl productions, Aya Fontaine fell in love with the art of burlesque shortly after moving to Las Vegas. Modeling her performance style after the vintage vixens of the 1950s, she has graced stages all over the United States billed as “The Buxom Beauty of Burlesque” for her ample assets. You can catch her strip teasing all over Las Vegas.

Tana the Tattooed Lady

The singing, dancing, high-flying, one-woman-arts-district debuted in Seattle as one of the original members of burlesque super troupe The Atomic Bombshells.  Notable performances include the Miss Exotic World Competition, Divan du Monde (Paris), Vancouver, Dallas & N.Y. Burlesque Festivals, Tease-O-Rama, Theatre Bizarre, Tiki Oasis, Teatro ZinZanni, Electric Forest, Turrkusex (Finland), Burla Festival (Portugal) and The Moisture Festival in Seattle, WA. She’s 2010′s Pinup Girl of the year & 2010 Tattooed Entertainer of the Year. In 2013 she won the Satan’s Angel award for “Hottest Body in Burlesque” and the Barfly Award “Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz”. She was the first winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant. Tana is also the spokesmodel for Slappy Cakes, Asia’s original DIY pancake house. After a year long engagement on the Las Vegas Strip in Planet Hollywood’s nightly show Comedy and Dolls she now calls Vegas her home!

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